We seek are strong employees.

In recent years, the demand for information communication devices such as mobile phones and
personal computers has been expanding, and in the electronics industry, technological innovation
and globalization are progressing more rapidly than ever. At the same time, the business
environment surrounding us is also undergoing a wave of change.
Therefore, Tescom seeks “strong employees” to survive this
changing era and to develop new business fields.
It is attractive as a person, objectively evaluates oneself and corrects a weakness.
Kind to people, have trust.
There is managerial consciousness, ambition, aspiration.
We hope that such young people will be the people who will be responsible for the future of Tescom.
Let's work together under the motto "Do not regret" for customers,
of course, for production consignees and all employees.
We look forward to your ambitious application.

Tescom's work scene

Here is a look at Tescom's day-to-day operations.

Internal meetings

Projects that connect Tokyo and Osaka by video conference information sharing.

Quality inspection of liquid crystals

We inspect the quality to the point where it is difficult to understand with the naked eye in detail, and maintain the quality of the liquid crystal.

Product Resistance Check

As there are various inspection facilities in TESCOM, we make good use of them for products.
Check the tolerance It is an essential task to keep the product quality high.


Office work that does not directly touch the product is also an important part of the business.

Guidance to Juniors

Proper guidance to juniors as a senior is also an important part of the job.
The ease of understanding of the instruction requires the skill of a senior employee.

Message from Seniors

The design management department mainly develops liquid crystals,
and the work is diverse, including blending liquid crystal materials, selecting polarizing plates,
and evaluating various optical measurements.
The work is varied, including blending liquid crystal materials,
selecting polarizing plates, and evaluating various optical measurements.
Every day, we look into microscopes and face the measuring device,
and steady work continues, but the sense of accomplishment when the products that we were involved in
the development of ourselves are in the world are exceptional. In addition, the good teamwork that transcends
the boundaries between departments is one of our major features,
and it is a very comfortable environment to work in.

Recruitment information Q&A

We'll answer frequently asked questions.

Q Do you need a foreign language other than English?
A Communication with production contractors is mainly in Chinese.
Learning multiple languages is an advantage.
Q How many women are employed?
A We do not specify the number of recruitment plans for men and
women. We will be selected with an emphasis on the basic knowledge
and skills expected in the job openings and the qualities of each
person.For those who have a high desire and ability regardless of
gender, there is a place to play an active part, so please try it.
We are looking forward to active applications from many women.
Q Can I take paid leave properly?
A There are many employees who get it so that there is no trouble in
business, and enjoy it on and off respectively.
Q Do you have many business trips?
A In charge of sales activities with business partners, design and
coordination with manufacturing contractors in product development,
there are many opportunities for business trips, both in Japan and overseas.
Q How many days in a year is a holiday?
A All occupations are closed 2 days a week (Saturdays, Sundays, and
national holidays), and annual holidays vary from 122 to 125 days (varies
depending on the year). In addition, there is a paid vacation system and
a summer and new year holiday.
Q About benefits?
A Various types of social insurance are provided.