Corporate Policy

Quality Policy

  1. Always aim for customer satisfaction
    Our unique business model aims for high reliability with a management system aiming at zero outflow of defective products, but even in the event of a defective product, we can quickly analyze the cause, formulate countermeasures, and submit detailed reports. We will respond until you are satisfied.
  2. Strive to continuously improve the quality of products
    Through a strong partnership with the China QD Center, which is directly connected to the subcontractors, we are working to maintain quality through forward management through joint improvement activities, including information sharing of data, etc., from both process improvement and prevention of defect spills.

Environmental Policy

  1. Investigate and assess environmental impacts and set environmental goals to meet as technically and economically as possible to effectively reduce or reduce key factors.
  2. We will formulate and implement plans to carry out our policies, evaluate and review the results, and even establish an environmental management system to lead to the next improvement. This includes appropriate pollution prevention activities.
  3. In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations, regulations, treaties, agreements, and other agreements, we will formulate voluntary environmental management standards to further protect the environment.
  4. We provide necessary education and training for our employees, and foster human resources who have a high awareness of environmental conservation and who can take action to be taken.
  5. We establish a hazardous substance process management system within our company and actively provide guidance to production contractors through audits and other measures. In order to ensure thorough green procurement, we will employ production contractors who are actively engaged in environmental conservation, including manufacturing processes, and prioritize the procurement of products that take environmental impact into account.

Established: Dec 2, 2013

Tescom Co., Ltd.

Akihiro Torii, President

ISO Acquisition

1. Quality Management System

  • Type of certification ISO9001
  • Acquisition Office Head Office
  • Acquisition Date October 13, 2000

2. Environmental Management System

  • Type of certification ISO14001
  • Acquisition office TESCOM INDUSTRY (SHENZHEN) CO.,LTD.
  • Acquisition Date June 3, 2013